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We are an expert in providing the complex transport solutions in a door-to-door system. For many years we have been cooperating with customers from Poland, as well as from abroad, bearing in mind that each service should suit individual needs.


PMLOG is a company created for clients  who are searching for tailor-made solutions. Our mission is creating a platform, combining individual character of service, optimization as well as the highest level of support at the best price.

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PMLOG’s offer


In accordance with the environment

PMLOG cooperates with the biggest operators on the market, therefore guaranteeing you the top notch service in railway and inter-modal transport. Our offer includes import and export out of seaports as well as from the well-developed web of land-base terminals in Poland.


The inter-modal and railway transports are guarantees of price optimization and connection based on the timetable. However it is not the only pro. Because of the low CO2 emission, railway transport is friendly towards environment, whereas combining different means of transport ensures you fast and efficient delivery.

Road transport

Delivery on-time

Cooperation with trusted and leading partners enables us to transport packages in Poland and abroad. Furthermore we guarantee you the highest level of service and promptness of delivery.


We encourage you to estimate full transport as well as packaged cargo, which will suit your needs.

Transport from China

Alternative for air freight and maritime transport

To meet your needs, PMLOG offers you also services within the quickly evolving railway transport from China to Poland and from Poland to China. It concerns the packaged cargo and  full container transports (LCL/FCL).


We cooperate with local Chinese agents, thus guaranteeing safety and efficeincy of our service. From the start of cargo journey in China we take care of the custom clearance, monitor transport, cover all the procedures in Poland, and track its way to its destination.


Transport by Silk Road guarantees you faster delivery of cargo than maritime transport and better price than air freight.

Other services

Up-to-date solutions

PMLOG has years of experience when it comes to cooperation the the leading carriers and customs agencies. That’s why we try to meet your expectations and offer you complex services in:

  • air transport
  • ocean freight
  • storing
  • customs clearance
  • sale of containers


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Do you want to transport from China, but you don’t know how much it will cost? Or do you have problems with filling up the whole container?


No problem! Use our calculator for packaged cargo and all the necessary information will be sent your email.

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